About Us

The Neighborhood Legislature is an historic reform initiative aimed at removing the corrupting influence of special interest money from California politics.

How do we do this?

By shrinking the size of legislative districts down to the neighborhood level, any individual can run for senate or assembly with a budget of just a few hundred dollars.

Today’s Assembly districts have nearly half a million people in them, and the Senate districts have nearly a million. The Neighborhood Legislature simply divides each of those huge districts into 100 neighborhoods – each with its own representative. Those 100 representatives in each district will meet and select one of their number to go to Sacramento, — so there would still be just 80 Assembly Members and 40 Senators meeting at the Capitol Building.

The beauty is that every one of those members will have been elected in a local neighborhood, and spent hundreds on their election campaign – not the millions they currently have to spend.

Since election campaigns will be so inexpensive, there will no reason to spend countless hours on the phone raising millions from special interests. Their power will be gone, because not only will legislators not need their special interest money, they also will have nothing to fear from them.

The Neighborhood Legislature is not a Republican idea or a Democrat idea, it is about putting control of our government back into the hands of the people, and their freely-elected representatives.

If you find this as exciting as we do, join us! Neighbors are setting partisanship aside to work side by side to make government work again.

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Have your friends and neighbors sign it, and send it in by the September 15 deadline to help place the Neighborhood Legislature on the ballot.

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